Falfurrias High School Administration and Faculty

Richard Wright- Principal                                                 Melva Galindo- Principal's Secretary               
361-325-8095 - 
[email protected]                        361-325-8096 -  [email protected]

Raul Garza, Jr. - Instructional Officer                                
Tracy Esquivel-Garcia-Attendance/PEIMS Clerk                                
361-325-8093 -
[email protected]                             361-325-8091 - [email protected]

Pearlie Martinez -
                                            Patricia Garza - Counselor's Secretary
361-325-8098 -
[email protected]
                          361-325-8099 - [email protected]

Valerie Garcia

361-325-8097 - [email protected]

Samuel Perez– Athletic Director                                        Soila Lopez - Athletic Dept Secretary                            

361-325-8110 – [email protected]                               361-325-8109 - [email protected]

Martha Paredez- 
District Nurse                                             
361-325-8101-  [email protected]


1 [email protected] Custodian
2 Barrera, Consuelo [email protected] English Teacher
3 Barrera, Rafael [email protected] Social Studies Teacher
4 Benavides, Norma [email protected] Special Education Teacher
5 Bigelow, David [email protected] ISS Teacher Aide
6 Cantu, Imelda M. [email protected] Fine Arts Teacher
7 Carrasco, Melissa [email protected] Media Specialist/Aide
8 [email protected] Science Teacher
9 Ellsworth, Charles [email protected] English Teacher
10 Esquivel-Garcia, Tracy [email protected] PEIMS / Attendance
11 Galindo, Melva [email protected] Principal's Secretary
12 Galindo, Oscar [email protected]
CTE Teacher
13 [email protected]
14 Garcia, Valerie [email protected] Counselor
15 Garza, Patricia A. [email protected] Counselor's Secretary
16 Garza Jr, Raul [email protected] Instructional Officer
17 [email protected] Custodian
18 Gonzalez, Anna B. [email protected] CTE Teacher
Social Studies Teacher
20 Hempel, Dr. Alice [email protected] Science Teacher
21 Hernandez, Nelda I. [email protected] Special Education Teacher Aide
22 Hernandez, Sylvia [email protected] Security
23 Jaramillo, Deidra [email protected] SP Ed Teacher
24 Kolbe, Megan R. [email protected] CTE Teacher
25 [email protected] RN Nurse
26 [email protected] Athletics
27 Lopez, Jose M. [email protected] Community Liaison/ Parent Involvement
28 Lopez, Jesus D. [email protected] Math Teacher
29 Lopez, Soila [email protected] Athletic Directors Secretary
30 Maldonado, Fidela [email protected] Special Education Teacher Aide
31 Martinez, Homero [email protected] School Resource Officer
32 Martinez, Margo [email protected] ELA Teacher
33 Martinez, Pearlie [email protected] Counselor
34 Mirelez, Roxanna [email protected] DAEP Teacher Aide
35 Munoz, Jose [email protected] Custodian
36 Pena, RaeLynn [email protected] ELA Teacher
37 Perez, Edmundo [email protected] DAEP / Coach
38 [email protected] Custodian
39 Perez, Samuel [email protected] Athletic Director
40 Pierce, Elizabeth A. [email protected] Math Teacher
41 [email protected]
42 Ramirez, Roxanna [email protected] Campus Support Clerk
43 Ramos, Rita A. [email protected] Math Teacher
44 Regalado, Arnoldo [email protected] Head Custodian
45 Rosales, Jesus [email protected] Art Teacher
46 Salinas, Celina [email protected] CTE Teacher
47 Salinas, David C. [email protected] DAEP Teacher
48 Salinas, Jennifer C. [email protected] Math Teacher
49 Sheeran, Diana [email protected] Director of At Risk & Special Programs
50 Tamez, Heron [email protected] Spanish Teacher
51 Trevino, Ana A. [email protected] Special Education Teacher Aide
52 [email protected] Band Director
53 Vargas, Sylvia [email protected]
54 Vecchio, Carol [email protected] Security/Gate Guard
55 Weary, Yamili [email protected] Science Teacher
56 Wright, Richard [email protected] Principal